The drone laws of Germany are a bit more strict compared to the other countries. For any drones or model air crafts that weight more than 0.25 kg would require a fireproof label with the name and address of the owner.

You’ll also need a pilot license or any similar certificate from any agency recognized by the Federal Aviation's office which would be valid for 5 years. A certificate will not be necessary if you plan to fly your drone in a model airplane airfield.
You will also need authorization to fly which is granted by the relevant state aviation authority and usually valid for two years for:

  1. Drones or model aircraft weighing more than five kilograms;
  2. Rocket-powered drones and model air crafts whose propellant mass exceeds 20 grams;
  3. Drones and model aircraft with a combustion engine, if they are flown within 1.5 kilometers of a residential area;
  4. Drones and model aircraft of all kinds if they are flown within 1.5 kilometers of an airport (flight at airports requires an additional clearance from German Aviation Control); and
  5. Drones and model aircraft of all kinds if flown at “night,”
  6. Within 100 meters of or above people and public gatherings, the scene of an accident, disaster zones, other sites of operation of police or other organizations with security-related duties, and military drill sites;
  7. Within 100 meters of or above correctional facilities, military complexes, industrial complexes, power plants, and power generation and distribution facilities;
  8. Within 100 meters of or above the property of federal or state governments, diplomatic or consular missions, international organizations, and law enforcement and security agencies;
  9. Within 100 meters of or above federal highways, federal waterways, and railway systems;
  10. Above nature reserves;
  11. Above 100 meters;
  12. Above residential property if the drone or model aircraft weighs more than 0.25 kilograms or if it is able to receive, transmit, or record optical, acoustic, or radio signals;
  13. In controlled airspace;
  14. To transport explosives, pyrotechnic articles, radioactive materials, or hazardous materials; or
  15. Within 100 meters of or above hospitals.

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