Italy drone laws are fairly standard. The general rules mostly apply for drone flying. These are:

  1. You may not fly your drone over 230 feet
  2. You may not fly your drone further than 490 feet horizontally or out of visual line of sight
  3. You may not carry dangerous goods on your drone
  4. You may not fly your drone over populated areas, gatherings, beaches, national parks, urban areas, infrastructures, railways, highways and industrial plants
  5. You must stay at least 8 km away from aerodromes
  6. You must only fly your drone during daylight
  7. Your drone must weigh under 25 kg
  8. You must keep your drone 50 m away from persons/property not under control of the drone operator
  9. You must carry third party insurance

If you are looking to fly commercially though all you need is:
Special permission if you’re drone weights more than 25 kg, otherwise standard rules apply.

Operators must attend a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) training program. A pilots license that you may get through Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC).

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