There comes a point in every drone pilots life wherein they experience some engine problems. You’ll notice that one side could be weaker than the other or one propeller not spinning at all, if this is the case then your motor could be weak or worse, dead. Worry not though, all hope is not lost, a quick motor change is all you need.

What you’ll need:

1. You will need a small screwdriver for disassembly.

2. Make sure to remove the battery and the camera before starting disassembly.

3. Get a small container for the screws to be put in.

4. Remove all the propellers. Some drones have their propellers screwed in, if this is the case, take out the screws first then pull out the propellers.

5. After removing the propellers, turn the drone upside down and remove all the screws. Set aside the screws in a small container so as not to lose them.

6. At the end of each arm, there’s a small hole that also has a screw in it. Remove the screws using a small screwdriver.


7. After taking out all the screws, remove the upper shell. Remember to take note of the motor position and which motor is motor A or B. Refer to your manual to know which motor you will be needing to replace.



8. Detach the motor that you need to replace, from the main board. If you have one of our micro drones you’ll need to solder the motors out and the replacement motors in. 

9. Once you detach the motor, next is to remove the whole motor-shaft mechanism at the end of the drone’s arm. You can either press the locks or give a gentle squeeze in the bottom part that will pop the mechanism out.

10. After removing the whole motor mechanism, take it out of the arm.

11. Detach motor from its plastic case.

12. Insert the motor and lock into the mechanism by sliding the locks in place. Make sure to place the holes of the locks into the mechanisms locks.

13. After that, return the whole motor mechanism into the end of the arm.

14.Next step is to insert the end of the motor’s wire into place at the main circuit board.

15. After inserting the motor mechanisms into the end of each arm and plugging them into the main circuit board, next is to put the top shell into place and turn the drone upside down. Screw it back in.

Disclaimer: Trouble shooting steps are similar for drones that plug and play outlets. Some drones may require soldering.  Please take note that before dismantling your drone make sure you are knowledgeable and seek advise first and assistance from our customer service team to prevent warranty void. 


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