The lifespan of propellers varies from user to user with some lasting months, even years, while others barely lasting a day. Most drone companies provide extra propellers when you purchase their drones, while Propel provides unlimited propellers replacements, all you have to pay for is shipping, as one of their many perks. This would be all for naught though if you don’t know how to replace or attach your propellers in the first place. 

Worry not though as we’ll be giving you a step by step guide as to how to do a propeller change.

Step 1 

Determine which of the propellers needs replacement.  

Step 2

Apply pressure on the blades and pull out the malfunctioning blade.

Step 3

Identify which of the spare blades are the A Blades and the B Blades. You can find designation underneath the propeller. Match the blade to it’s the corresponding area.

Be sure to check out our videos for more help in regards to changing blades.

Spyder XL/ Tilt 

Zipp Nano 



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