Greetings from Propel! In case this is your first experience with us, we’d like to welcome you to our wonderful world of Drones. Propel is one of the most dynamic technologies and drone companies in the World. Currently, the largest manufacturer of drones by unit volume in North America, Propel has continually re-imagined and pushed the boundaries of what’s possible within the consumer electronics Industry.

With over 150 patents filed across a diverse set of applications and fields, Propel prides itself on innovation and creating new realms of possibilities within the category of consumer electronics and flight.

Propel is currently the market leader within the mid-price consumer drone space (products
priced between $30 dollars to $200 dollars) creating the best selection of products, leading to Propel quickly becoming an internationally recognized brand. Propel is one of the few
companies in its industry with both a deep understanding of manufacturing, design, and
product development coupled with an intimate understanding of sales, marketing, and the
support that Retailers need so their products succeed.

Considered one of the most creative drones and technology companies in the World, Propel has secured licensing partnerships with companies such as Disney’s Star Wars, Warner Brothers, Marvel amongst others. We are the first company to introduce Li-Fi and reverse propulsion technology, innovators in the field of UAVs.


We pride ourselves in delivering good products with the addition of good service and true customer care. We’re currently moving a lot of our products in North America, with the partnership with well-known store chains such as Best Buy, Costco, and Toys R US. While quickly expanding into large market segments in Europe and Asia we move more than any other brand within the space of “flight”.

We’re happy to announce that the blog is finally up! This is a culmination of months of hard work as we look to provide you with a useful and informative blog. This would be the repository of all things Propel. Be sure to visit us to see what’s the latest updates and promos of Propel. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get bi-weekly insiders look into the comings and goings of Propel. Click subscribe now! 


We’ll also be posting our insights on all things drones as well as some helpful guides to help you become the best drone pilot you could possibly be. This is just the beginning, we have big plans ahead and we’re excited to get closers to you, our dear readers. So feel free to browse and read up on our first few feature articles.

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